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Archive of Market Surveys

Wiggin Properties' market surveys preceded the online data services that now track the local real estate markets. For assistance with current market trends, please contact a Wiggin Properties' broker. Below you'll find our online archive of our final market surveys for the Oklahoma City and Tulsa markets.

Oklahoma City

Summer 2013 OKC Market TrendsWinter 2013 OKC Market Trends
Summer 2012 OKC Market TrendsWinter 2012 OKC Market Trends
Summer 2011 OKC Market TrendsWinter 2011 OKC Market Trends
Summer 2010 OKC Market TrendsWinter 2010 OKC Market Trends
Summer 2009 OKC Market TrendsWinter 2009 OKC Market Trends
Summer 2008 OKC Market TrendsWinter 2008 OKC Market Trends
Summer 2007 OKC Market TrendsWinter 2007 OKC Market Trends
Summer 2006 OKC Market TrendsWinter 2006 OKC Market Trends
Summer 2005 OKC Market TrendsWinter 2005 OKC Market Trends
Summer 2004 OKC Market TrendsWinter 2004 OKC Market Trends
Summer 2003 OKC Market TrendsWinter 2003 OKC Market Trends
Summer 2002 OKC Market TrendsWinter 2002 OKC Market Trends
Summer 2001 OKC Market TrendsWinter 2001 OKC Market Trends
Summer 2000 OKC Market TrendsWinter 2000 OKC Market Trends


Fall 2012 Tulsa Market TrendsSpring 2012 Tulsa Market Trends
Fall 2011 Tulsa Market TrendsSpring 2011 Tulsa Market Trends
Fall 2010 Tulsa Market TrendsSpring 2010 Tulsa Market Trends
Fall 2009 Tulsa Market TrendsSpring 2009 Tulsa Market Trends
Fall 2008 Tulsa Market TrendsSpring 2008 Tulsa Market Trends
Fall 2007 Tulsa Market TrendsSpring 2007 Tulsa Market Trends
Fall 2006 Tulsa Market TrendsSpring 2006 Tulsa Market Trends
Fall 2005 Tulsa Market TrendsSpring 2005 Tulsa Market Trends
Fall 2004 Tulsa Market TrendsSpring 2004 Tulsa Market Trends
Fall 2003 Tulsa Market TrendsSpring 2003 Tulsa Market Trends
Fall 2002 Tulsa Market TrendsSpring 2002 Tulsa Market Trends
Fall 2001 Tulsa Market TrendsSpring 2001 Tulsa Market Trends
Fall 2000 Tulsa Market TrendsSpring 2000 Tulsa Market Trends

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