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Leasing is a pro-active function. It requires going after tenants, not waiting for them to find you. It is problem solving: how can a space best be utilized to maximize its potential? Can someone utilize existing construction or will reconfiguration provide a better margin to the landlord? What industry, business, or division is best suited for the space? It requires effective communication with the client, and most of all energetic pursuit of the prospective user. Experience counts.

Brokerage Services

The brokers at Wiggin Properties are experienced deal-makers who understand the market, the product, the needs of tenants and landlords, and the prices and terms being quoted and accepted. In addition, Wiggin Properties' Brokerage Division is a valuable marketing resource that understands the important role of market analysis, marketing programs, and reporting. The Brokerage Division of Wiggin Properties is market driven. We deal daily in a market where the space, price, terms, and conditions are established by free give and take between the parties. Our greatest advantage as brokers is the knowledge and experience that is gained by dealing directly in that market for the benefit of the clients we represent.

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