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Development projects start with a defined set of objectives--sometimes specific space requirements to meet a business need, sometimes investment goals of creating value out of an underutilized asset. A clear vision of the opportunities and objectives should lead first to a conceptual plan and feasibility analysis, from which budgets, cost estimates, and timelines are developed. The process must be vigorously managed to assure that the myriad details of implementation are consistent with the overall plan and objectives. Typically, these objectives include bringing a project to completion on a designated schedule and within a predetermined budget.



Wiggin Properties' development staff includes individuals with extensive operating and project management experience, who have developed and adhered to budgets, cost estimates, and schedules.



Land acquisition, market analysis, economic feasibility analysis, site planning, building programming and design, project management, construction coordination and management, financing, building operations startup, partnership and joint-venture management.



Wiggin Properties and its principals have been involved in the development of more than a dozen projects containing well over a million square feet of office space in Oklahoma City and Tulsa. These projects have included speculative buildings, turnkey developments for users, build-to-suit leased buildings, and project management assignments.  

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