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Happy Holidays from Wiggin Properties!

Each year Wiggin Properties forgoes sending holiday cards and sets aside the money we save for 3 local charities. These holiday gifts are in addition to our annual corporate and personal giving. We ask that you help us select the charities that will receive a gift by voting using the ballot below.

2018 Gift Ballot Instructions

Vote for the charities you want us to give to this holiday season. The charities listed below were nominated by our voters last holiday season. You may vote for as many of the charities as you like by checking the box to the left of the charity's name. In order for your votes to count, click the "Submit Your Vote and Nominations" button at the end of the ballot. Voting and Nominations end December 17, 2018 at 10 a.m. (CST).

2018 Gift Ballot

Here are some of our Favorite Turkey Recipes for you to enjoy...

"I think you just cook it like chicken. You put a timer in there and when you eat it, it takses like a chicken and, well, sometimes you make it for your dog. and if you do that, just put it in the oven with your dog." Francine, Kindergarten

"First, the doggie catches it, then you give the doggie a treat. Wash the turkey off. Put it in a pan and then put it in the oven. Read a book until it is done, then everyone is happy." Preslea, Pre-K

"Cut it up and put it in a pan. Cook it with an egg. Cook it long. Pin your hair up while it cook. Cook it 2 minutes. Take it out and put it on a plate, then eat it." Madisyn, Pre-K

"Put the turkey in a pan with celery and put it in the oven. Cook it for one, two, three, four days. Take it out of the oven while you play. Eat it tomorrow." Cloey, Pre-K

"Wal-Mart goes to the farm to get turkeys. All of the Wal-Mart people go in three cars. They ask the farmer for 50 turkeys. The turkeys cost 50 dollars. The workers take nets to catch turkeys. Everyone wears blue to do this. They run around and start catching turkeys. They put the turkeys in big Wal-Mart bags. They cut little holes in the bags. They untie the bags and carry them into Wal-Mart. They cook the turkey in the oven for one minute. They put them in the oven one at a time." Caydence, Kindergarten

"[Get] a chickin and then make the chickin into a turkey and cook the turkey and wait until 10 hores and when it is done then eat it." Isabella, 2nd Grade

"First, get the turkey from a farm and bring it home. Put it in the microwave for 10 minutes. Then put it in a pan and get feathers off and eat it with cheese and salsa." Adriana, Kindergarten

"You cook a turkey in the oven. If the oven breaks you have to go to a different house and see if that oven works. Then you eat the turkey! Yum yum! You always get dessert when you finish your turkey like cake or apple pie or berry pie." Juliet, Kindergarten

"You need to get a turkey from the farm. You take it and then you wash it. Then it lays eggs. You wash the eggs and cook them. Then put the turkey on a big pan and you put sauce on it. Then you have to taste it to see if it’s good and cook it until it gets warm. Then everybody has to eat some with a fork." Kaiden, Kindergarten

"You have to put it in the oven for like 10 minutes. The oven is 10 degrees hot. Take it out and then eat it. Before you put it in the oven, you have to kill it with a bow and arrow" Malachi, 1st Grade

"First you git a turkey. Next you git a TV. Then poot (put) on a football game. And then you git a grill. After that you cook the turkey on the grill for 30 minis. Last you go to the Koch (couch) and eat it." Nikolai, 2nd Grade

"You can’t forget to have dirt cake after you may be thinking dirt cake i don’t want to eat dirt in a cake well that’s nat what it is it is made out of chocolate pudding for the middle and oreo crumbles for the top and gummie worms and have a happy thanksgiving" Xander, 3rd Grade

"My mom does our turkey. She makes it out of raw chicken fingers and meat. She gets the chicken fingers and the meat from Wal-Mart. We sometimes eat at McDonald's on Thanksgiving. They serve turkey only on Thanksgiving Day. When she gets the chicken from Wal-Mart... [and] She puts the meat and chicken fingers inside the belly. She puts salt, pepper, and garlic powder inside. Cook it for 900 degrees so it tastes gooder. That is it! It tastes like a 1000 percent." Leo, Kindergarten


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