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Wiggin Properties knows the Oklahoma property investment market as proven by our average annual return on investment earned by the investment partnerships we’ve put together to purchase, operate and, in some cases, sell office, retail, industrial, land and mixed use properties.

As part of a multi-disciplinary commercial real estate company, we leverage the knowledge of our in-house specialists to identify promising investment opportunities, evaluate the property’s short and long-term potential, identify the risks in acquiring and holding the property, factor in market conditions and forecasts, and apply our unique evaluation formulas that have helped us achieve stellar returns on our property investments.

Commercial property investment done the WigginWay is designed to provide steady returns, the opportunity for capital growth at time of investment disposition and a blue-chip opportunity for individuals and institutions.

Call us at 405.842.0100 or 918.935.2010 to put us to work for you.

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